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Adobe Connect Webinars Review

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If you’re looking for control functions and a bounty of features to help your webinar run efficiently, then Adobe Connect Webinars might be the service for you. You can prepare coursework, shared files and presentations, include demonstrations and utilise reporting tools to assess how successful your webinar has been and how to make changes in the future, so it’s a learning process for everyone.

We were very interested in the “pod” system that the webinar service has to offer, whereby you can create isolated rooms for group discussions. This means that you can separate people out into groups depending on their specialisations or interests, and then have them move off and talk to each other without each group interrupting the other. As the host you are also able to set the level of security in each, even going as far as being able to record what is said in each room. This is potentially a great way to get a lot of conversations going and then to extract segments of each conversation and share them at a later date.

It might not seem surprising, then, that Adobe Connect is particularly well suited for educational webinars. In fact there are special rates available to students and teachers, although you need to provide proof of your student or teacher status before purchasing this product at the special price. Another factor which probably isn’t a surprise is that you need Adobe Flash Player to use Connect Webinars. Most computers should already have this, but it’s always worth asking potential attendees to update their player before attempting to be involved in the webinar, to prevent any complications. Although the user interface might seem complex to begin (there is a fairly lengthy set-up wizard) things should go smoothly enough with a bit of patience. Thereafter you shouldn’t have many issues in using the system and whilst it isn’t the most visually exciting interface around, it does the job.

Adobe is a massive name, so you can expect pretty good customer service, much of which is online. You can email or phone customer support, check out the FAQ or use the live-chat feature (if it isn’t busy). The quality of the sound and video during webinars is very high and doesn’t seem to lag, so seems pretty reliable. Attendees can also call in using a phone, if they don’t have access to a computer with a microphone.

As for pricing, there are various options available at very reasonable rates. You can even pay by the minute, although if you plan on having more than one or two relatively short meetings then it’s much cheaper just to pay the monthly rates.

Adobe has built a name and reputation that you can trust, and its Connect Webinar service is no different. It is a versatile system and, although potentially a little complex for absolute novices, should be easy enough to manoeuvre for most users. This webinar service is certainly worth considering, particularly if you are hoping to use it for educational purposes. The “pod” system is a great attribute that isn’t easily found elsewhere. If you’re looking for a webinar service then we recommend at least trying the free trial of Adobe Connect.

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