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InterCall Webcast Studio Review

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InterCall Webcast Studio is a comprehensive webinar services package that includes a sleek user interface and a reliable broadcasting system. In particular it allows a good level of customization and control in deciding how particular elements of a webinar might appear to the host and attendees. The host is able to show online Powerpoint slides, stream audio, stream video or a combination of all three. InterCall have made sure the system works on a variety of operating systems, including Mac, PC and Linux, so there shouldn’t be any cross-platform issues. The Webcast Studio also functions through adobe flash player on all the main browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera. There is also no need for attendees to download and install any software, meaning that they can quickly and easily gain access to your webinar.

If you’re worried about the security and privacy of your webinar then InterCall offers you control over which elements of the event should be encrypted, and to what degree. It is possible to encrypt only the files being shared, or just the audio, or various other combinations, for example. Reducing encryption by removing it from elements that you are not concerned about means that you’ll be able to receive a slight improvement in general performance speed.  

Although there is quite a lot of information on the products and services available from Intercall, we did feel that the lack of a pricing guide was a little off-putting. Although we can appreciate that price quotes are provided on demand, it is good to be given at least a vague idea of the amounts that are generally charged. Finding the relevant information on the Intercall website is also not the easiest process, although there is a search function to locate answers to specific questions. The team also offers training and a webcast seminar series to help develop its users’ understanding on how to get the most from its services. Hotlines are available, should you wish to make enquires over the phone, and a live chat is available for 11 hours a day (8am until 7pm ET).

During a webinar you can be involved in whole group or private chats, which is a good way to encourage active learning and to share ideas without the pressure of having to announce your views to everyone if you don’t want to. Audience members can also raise a virtual hand to show the speaker that they have a question or want to say something, without interrupting what is being said. The host is able to invite new attendees and perform a variety of file sharing tasks at any time during the webinar.

InterCall Webcast studio offers a solid service with a few customization options that may help to set a professional tone to proceedings. It primarily suffers from a slight lack of information on the website, which could be combated rather easily. Unfortunately it doesn’t reach the great heights of other webinar services in the top 10 because its features are fairly common place, even though great lengths have been made to keep its webinar services accessible and its user interfaces sleek.  

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