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ReadyTalk Webinars Review

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If you’re flash with cash then ReadyTalk offers a user-friendly webinar service with a few interesting (although not unique) features. Its major problem is its relative “ordinariness” and high price tag, which could mean that your money would be better spent elsewhere.

One of the more useful and uncommon features of ReadyTalk.com is the ability to hand over some of the control to assistants. This means that you can focus on what you’re saying, rather than which buttons you ought to be pressing. This might be particularly useful if you want to present a smooth pitch, without having to um and ah over the various controls in front of you. Presenters can also upload their presentations and convert them into image files which the participants can then view in their own time as a sort of e-handout. Extra controls also allow you to segment your desktop so that the participants can only see a little of what is going on, and you can do various other tasks in the background.

Generally, we found this webinar service to be pretty reliable and encountered very few (all minor) issues when testing it out. The layout is not complicated, and generally quite pleasing on the eye. As participants sign up for your webinar you can also view their personal information, including photos and a brief biography (if provided). There are also some links to sites such as Facebook and Twitter, although more of an integration of social networking sites might be beneficial, such as allowing participants to more easily register for an event through their Facebook account.

Customization is also an important feature of this webinar service as you are able to link the displays with your brand colours and designs, which gives a more professional and personal feel to proceedings. Despite these positives, there’s an elephant in the room which we just can’t ignore: the price. ReadyTalk is one of the most expensive webinar services you’ll find, with others offering similar hosting capacities and features at a fraction of the price.  

Despite offering a slightly above average service in certain areas, ReadyTalk.com gets a bit greedy and asks for too much of the paper in your wallet. The site recommends its services for government, and perhaps they’re aiming to serve large internationals with massive budgets. But for most potential customers there are cheaper and better webinar services available. Unless you've money to burn, you should probably give this one a miss.

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