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Inifinite Conferencing Review

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InfiniteConferencing.com has hosted over 65,000 successful webinars, utilising a team of specialists who help to develop your management and events planning capabilities. It offers high quality features such as the ability to record your webinars to revisit at a later date, file uploading and social networking features. Importantly, you are able to upload files during your webinar, which is a feature often lacking with other webinar services. The advantage, of course, is that you are better able to respond to audience requirements by introducing files that you may not have considered in advance. But perhaps most importantly, this service also offers the option to seat an unlimited number of attendees in your webinar, so there are no limits on how many people can take part in your event.

Payment is a bit of a mystery with Infinite Conferencing, as prices are agreed through requesting a quote specific to your needs. It would be good to have an idea of prices without having to make this request, though, as it would allow most potential customers to decide whether or not the service is within their price range. That said, you can pay for the service on a monthly contract or by the frequency of use, meaning that you have several options to choose from.

Customer service is what stands here, as service professionals are on hand to offer advice on marketing strategies and how to make the most from your webinar experiences. On signing up you are given the option to have a specialist guide you through a variety of processes so that you should be “webinar ready” by the time it comes to a real broadcast. This specialist is also available throughout your contract with the company, so they can be relied upon for advice as and when you need it. Other personalised options are available, whereby a specialist will help to develop a customized interface for you and your attendees, including being able to brand the webinar to suit your company’s presentation style (such as including your logo and colour scheme on all displays during a webinar).

There are a few downsides, though, that need a reboot. In particular there are no mobile applications to allow smartphone and tablet users to attend, although this might be a viable inclusion in future products. Security is also something of a problem as attendees are not required to have a password to join the webinar (although making sure you only invite relevant people will help, and you can also charge for attendance). Video options aren’t as varied as with other products on the market, although its audio quality is high and a toll number can be provided for people who wish to attend but do not have access to the internet.

What’s really important when considering Infinite is whether or not you feel you can benefit from their customer service options. There is a great emphasis on leading you through the process with a service specialist, which may be an unnecessary cost if you feel comfortable without that support. Otherwise there are plenty of branding options and customisable features to give a professional impression to your webinar attendees.

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