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GatherPlace.com allows up to 2000 guests to take a seat in your webinar, making it a strong candidate if you’re looking to host large webinar events. It also offers a large variety of pricing structures and the option to cancel your subscription at any time without losing out, meaning that if you decide to up or downscale the number of ‘seats’ available in your seminar then you won’t be out of pocket. This makes it particularly useful if you are hosting multiple webinars with different numbers of guests. If you purchase a package for 100+ users then you can also share your administrative status with other accounts, meaning that  a department can easily share the technology and service and have their own unique user areas which will store contact lists and personal meeting schedules. All in all, this flexibility makes GatherPlace a fairly useful tool. However, there are a few applications that it seems to be missing, and which are standard fare elsewhere...

One of the more unusual voids with this webinar service is a lack of guest webcam support. Essentially this means that although your guests are able to join in vocally, they may be unable to contribute using visuals on their webcam. In very large webinars this may not be an issue, and likely frees up system resources, but there might be occasions when the lack of webcam support becomes a hindrance. Another flaw is the lack of encryption to protect any “spies” from accessing a webinar. This can be quite worrysome, particularly if you’re concerned about information being leaked. That said, each invited guest is required to input an access code to gain entry to the webinar, so this ought to stop most intruders at the gates.

The service allows guests to join without the need to download any software, which makes gatherPlace accessible and quick to use. Slow guest machines will also have no effect on the general speed of the webinar, although this is pretty standard fare. Guests without microphones are able to use a telephone to ‘call in’ and listen to the webinar, although this requires them to call a toll number. If the host should choose to cover these costs then a toll-free number can be provided.

Everything considered, GatherPlace is a flexible webinar services option with a reasonable pricing scale and the ability to change packages as it suits you. However, it lacks a certain number of fairly basic features which can be quite important when holding a webinar, particularly if you have any concerns over security.

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