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Nefsis Web Conferencing Review

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Nefsis offers 3 packages to suit your webinar needs. Its most basic package allows just 2 users to converse, but is free to use, whilst the paid packages (Professional Online or Professional Dedicated Server) provide the means of hosting unlimited users. These packages are tailored to your needs, meaning that the price is dependent on how many users you’re hoping to host and how often you intend to use the service, but price brackets are on a need-to-know basis and each customer has to make a unique request for a quote. The site also makes no efforts to explain the flexibility of its packages, which might mean that you incur additional costs if you decide to change your agreed-upon service specifics. A little more information would be nice, Nefsis!

One of the more unique features of nefsis.com is that it offers on-site and hosted webinar options. The hosted option combines a browser-based system for setting things up and scheduling webinars, whilst also including a client-side element that runs the service and allows the exchange of files and various other collaborations. Installing some software is necessary, and could be somewhat problematic if you wish to share administrative powers with another user. Otherwise, audience members need not download anything, rather they can use the browser-based tools. There have also been a few complaints that installation sometimes requires you to restart your browser, which could lead to a loss of your browser information and history.

Probably the most efficient element of this webinar service is its ease of use and general performance. There are some useful controls for administration regarding cameras and microphones, which is particularly good if you want a quiet audience or want to open the airwaves for questions without too much confusion. The system also lets you know the speed of various connections so you can tell whether or not there is any lag during the webinar. The administrator is also able to change the resolution of the video output, should they choose to. Sharing documents is relatively simple although the annotation tools are separate from the program you’re using (MS Powerpoint, for example) so editing can seem superficial and you’ll likely need to go away and make changes in the program later on, which isn’t ideal.

One of the biggest potential drawbacks of Nefsis.com is that it only truly supports Windows. Macs need to run an emulator to support the service, which is far from ideal. We’d advise going elsewhere if you’re a Mac user. Customer support is okay but lacking in some areas and is primarily based on FAQs and video tutorials. There’s a phone line to call but we would have liked to have seen a forum or two, plus a live chat option. Although the FAQ is fairly comprehensive it lacks a search option, meaning that finding what you’re looking for isn’t always easy.

Nefsis offers very good administrative controls and a relatively simple system, but it fails in other areas and demands that you make a number of enquiries to find out basic information on the service on offer and how much it’s going to cost you. A little less secrecy would allow for a greater sense of the products on offer.

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