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ClickWebinar offers an easy to use interface for hosting webinars of up to 1000 participants. It allows cross platform compatibility and the ability to create private meeting rooms with unique translation features. Flexibility is the key concept here, offering a service where people from all over the world can meet to take part in an active audio and video webinar.

One of the most unique features of this service is its translation capabilities, which allow private chats to be translated into each user’s preferred language. This means that you can have people from different countries and backgrounds chatting to each other, with all content translated so that no one loses out. It also allows you to record your webinar, which is useful if anyone wants to revisit what was said to absorb the content in their own time. These recordings could also be used for training and they also mean that if you want to promote the same product or ideas at a later date then there is not necessarily any need to hold the same webinar, you can simply direct people to watch the pre-recorded version. If anyone missed the webinar they will also be allowed to access it with your permission, so no-one loses out. Gathering data is also another useful feature of ClickWebinar.com, as you can create polls and check statistics on how people responded. These features combine to save you time in the future and to keep a good check on the pros and cons of what was said.

Customisation is available on this webinar service, whereby you can control which colours and logos will appear on the webinar interface, registration page and invitations. This helps to develop a professional sense of your company or institution, rather than seeming generic. You can make your webinars more personal by uploading your own documents and apps, as well as engaging with audience members using audio controls. This all works with just a few clicks, and should be easy enough for most novices to handle. If you are stuck then there is help at hand in the form of a live chat with a service professional, a contact number to call in, or submitting a request for support. A variety of documents and tutorial videos are also easily accessible through the Click Webinar “learning center” and searchable FAQ.

There are a number of useful features which aren’t always found with other webinar service providers, including mobile applications for a range of mobile devices. This means that even people on the move can access your recorded or live webinars, so won’t miss out. The key flaw in the system is a lack of attendee payment options, though. With other webinar services you can often charge your attendees a fee to be a part of any webinar, recouping some of your money and potentially turning a profit. ClickWebinar.com doesn’t offer this, and it’s disappointing because the service is more expensive than others on the market. However, it still offers good value given the quality of its service, and the costs are by no means astronomical.

ClickWebinar offers a flexible webinar service with a few useful features that you won’t find elsewhere, but if cost is a real concern then other webinar services might be preferable for you.

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