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Go To Webinar Review

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If you’re looking to hold webinars in the near future then we suggest that you seriously consider GoToWebinar. Although it’s not the cheapest webinar service around it offers the variety of features, ease of use and professional support that makes it well worth the extra dollars. Let us explain why...

Firstly, setting up a webinar is really simple. You just follow a few basic steps and the GoTo system does the rest for you. In the first instance all you need to do is pick a time you’d like your webinar to take place, fill in a title and date, and the system automatically creates your invitations. You can even hold private sessions in which you can practice your webinar as though it were live, in a place where it won’t matter if you fluff your lines or press the wrong button. After this you are sent an email invitation, which you simply forward to your email contacts. People can then register simply by clicking the “register now” button and by choosing their audio preference. Each audience member can choose to attend the conference using a telephone or a microphone and speakers on their computer. Once it’s time for the webinar you just turn on your webcam and you’re away!

Okay so it does get more complex than that afterwards, although only really if you want to perform some more specialist tasks, such as sharing files or using whiteboard editing tools. If you aren’t sure what to do then there’s no need to worry as the site offers excellent customer support, which includes tutorial videos on how to best use the system. As well as this you can easily gain help from a live chat with a system specialist, send an email or make a call to the technical services team.

One of the most useful parts of this webinar service is the ability to customise your invites and interfaces. This means that you’ll be able to include your logo and brand colours, among other things, in all correspondence and during your webinar. This is particularly important to give a professional feel to proceedings, rather than making it seem like just another generic event. High definition video streaming might also play a part in this, giving your webinar a slick veneer, and allowing audience members to see what is going on in detail.

Beyond business uses, such as demonstrating products and designs, this may be useful to institutions who are training or educating individuals as it allows live demonstrations to be seen in full colour, great detail and in real time. As well as this you can also add videos to your webinar presentations, meaning that you can upload a clip so that all attendees can see it at any time.

  One of the most useful parts of this webinar service is the ability to customise your invites and interfaces.  

If you’re interested in improving your pitches and webinar performances then GoToWebinar.com allows you to gain feedback in a number of ways. To get a live response you can allow audience members to raise their virtual hand and to ask you a question. A small icon will appear next to their name, if you opt to do this. Alternatively you can wait until the end of the session and ask them to answer a personalised poll to gain a sense of their understanding and appreciation of the webinar. This information can be converted into a report, which you can then store and compare to later polls as a way of discerning the success of your webinars and whether or not the speakers have been improving.

There are a few imperfections in this gem. The webinar service does not offer mobile options (other than the telephone number to call in), which is bad news if you’re on the move and want to attend a webinar. Also some downloads are required by the host, and it is important that the guests keep a few plug-ins up to date so that things run smoothly on their end.

If you’re looking to host massive numbers of people then you may also need to look elsewhere because the upper capacity of attendees with GoToWebinars is 1,000. That’s usually plenty, but some large internationals might feel that they need more seats. Lastly, price might be a concern. This isn’t the cheapest webinar service available by a fair stretch. However, given the quality of the services and features available, we felt that it still offers very good value for money, particularly if you were to take out a 1 year contract.

GoToWebinars.com doesn’t offer a perfect webinar service but the standard offered in almost every area is extremely high and continues to improve on a monthly basis. It might not be ideal for institutions or companies on a tight budget, but it will allow you to deliver professional webinars to a high standard, whether or not you’ve experience with delivering webinars before. Its feedback services also make it a great tool for educating audience members and speakers alike. A free 30 day trial is also available, so you’ve nothing to lose! Good luck and happy webinaring.  

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