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FuzeBox Review

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FuzeBox is a webinar service that focuses on high definition video and sound. But whilst it might be useful for smaller seminars which will benefit from being able to view 12 people at once, its other services are fairly standard and don’t really make it great value for money.

It’s worth talking through a few of the features available with FuzeBox.com, because although it might not be outstanding in many respects, it does do a decent job with a number of its functions, some of which are not commonly found. Groups who meet regularly may be interested in the “reusable” meeting spaces provided, for example, which allow a host to create a room with regularly scheduled meetings. This “room” stays available for the sole purpose of this regular meeting, saving time (as you’re not having to repeatedly set up new rooms and invite people) and generally assuring that the right people go to the right webinar. Regular tutorials or small scale lectures might fit this model well and the multiple-webcam options mean that users can take advantage of the high definition audio and visual options available on FuzeBox.

As with most webinar services, FuzeBox offers the ability to publish/show your desktop and to distribute files such as handouts. Users can also annotate these shared files, which can be useful if saved as notes to re-examine later. Mobile users might be interested in the “auto-reconnect” feature, which allows a webinar to continue where it left off, if a connection is lost. In reality this isn’t quite as brilliant as it might sound, though, as the discussion can clearly continue without you if you’re the only person to lose a connection. However, the various remote control options available are potentially useful as they allow users to control the host computer, meaning that organisation can switch between members of the webinar, should they have something specific that they wish to discuss with relation to information on the host computer.

What might draw people to Fuze Box is its appearance. It runs and looks very smooth and glossy, mimicking the user interface layout now well known through the popularity of Apple devices. However, it fails to engage fully with areas of webinar services that other providers are doing much more effectively. Webcam options are pleasant, and potentially useful, but only allowing 12 users to use their webcams at a time seems arbitrary and not entirely useful without very specific controls

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