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iLink allows you to support up to 1000 guests in a webinar whilst offering several collaboration features for sharing files and media. A greater level of customisation is available to those customers who purchase the software and install it on their systems, though generally users are able to access webinars through their browser.

In particular iLinc’s free trial may be of interest. This allows 15 days unlimited webinar hosting, up to 1000 guests, free training resources and telephone support. Compared to most free trials this is incredibly generous as the majority of trials only allow you to host 2 participants. The free trial offer with iLink.com will allow you to really get a sense of how effective the service is on a much larger scale, which is great if you intend to hold webinars of some size in the future.

Paying users will receive access to more advanced features including the ability to manage queues and request polls or surveys. This is a great way to get feedback on the success of a webinar, and to get instant feedback on proposals such as pricing strategies or product design. Text chat is also integrated into the webinar system, allowing conversations to occur without interrupting the key speaker. All users are able to use their webcam to interact, which can have great benefits if visual aids become important. If you have guests who are unable to gain access to a webcam or microphone then a telephone service is available whereby they can call a number to listen to the webinar. Beyond these features, though, there’s not necessarily a great deal to shout about, and most of these features are available elsewhere, particularly in our top-rated webinar services.

With regard to security, SSL encryption is utilised to protect all communications. This can also be upgraded with a download. The cost of using and upgrading iLink is something of a mystery, though, as the site requests that you make an inquiry to receive a personal quote dependent on your situation. If nothing else this simply acts as a barrier to attracting a customer base. There is also a general feeling that iLinc.com prefers to deal with its customers over the phone rather than online, although there is an online blog open for public consumption.

Perhaps the most disappointing element of this webinar service is its user interface, which can be a little complicated at times. This isn’t what you want in the potential high pressure of delivering a seminar! Its features are adequate, but not outstanding enough to set it apart from the competition. However, the free trial is certainly a great reason to try this service out, even if you decide against paying for it in the end.

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