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ProjectPlace offers a project management service which is particularly beneficial to companies and institutions which are spread over distances but which are collaborating on projects. Whilst offering webinar services, ProjectPlace.com also provides a cloud system which allows multiple users to log onto a project and be involved from different locations. Without going into too much detail on these project planning services (this is, after all, a review of their webinar services), it offers a variety of features such as scheduling and invites, through which individuals can participate in or be made aware of combined projects. All of these elements have potential in aiding webinars as they allow for a more collaborative approach to a webinar, either ahead of the meeting or after it has been completed. In short, if you’re holding a webinar but want people to read and respond to resources before hand, Project Place allows you to organise this so as to get better results and feedback.

So beyond the preparatory and collaborative project management elements, what else does this service have to offer in the way of webinars? Well, not a massive amount. Admittedly, the project management options go a long way to enhancing the webinar service if you want information and participation from your audience members, but in many ways the webinar options are insufficient for large group presentations, particularly in comparison with most of its competitors. Firstly, Projectplace only allows up to 100 participants at any one time. Other webinar service providers allow thousands of participants, so there really is no competition. If you’ve no intention of holding webinars of more than 100 people, then this limitation doesn’t really affect you. However, the online meeting tools available are also relatively limited.

The presentation tools are available to audience members without installation, which is certainly a good thing as it means that you won’t have to encourage each user to download sizeable files. However, the site boasts that the system will “work with electronic whiteboard functionality” and allow participants to “talk to each other using voice-over IP”. These are hardly worth mentioning in the realm of webinar services, given that they are generally assumed to be industry standards. That said, you can record meetings, which not all other webinar services offer, and this can be useful for keeping records, even as company minutes.  

ProjectPlace is a relatively expensive service, particularly with various upgrades and an increased number of users. Its additional project management features may be useful to particular individuals who wish to have a collaborative element to their work, but otherwise it may go unused. The 30 day trial might be worth a try, though, particularly if you think that the features it has on offer might go some way to improving the webinar experience.

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