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Yugma Webinar Review

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Compared with other webinar services that are available, Yugma seems a little on the pricy side. But is it worth the extra cash? Well, not necessarily. It lacks a few features that you’ll find elsewhere for a similar price, and disconcerting customer reviews about troublesome connectivity means that it’s hard to heartily recommend.

The variety of payment options available with yugma is good to see, although there is a big leap from 100 participants to 500, with no payment options in between. Taking out a year’s subscription saves you a decent amount of money, but a lack of flexibility in changing your plan (it may be hard to judge how many people you’ll be hosting throughout the year) means that the monthly charges might be preferable for some, even though you’re essentially going to miss out on the year-long contract offer.

In particular Yugma.com boasts a variety of desktop sharing features which allow administrators to show their screen to the audience, along with a set of decent editing features which provide a way of highlighting particular facts and figures on screen for all to see. The host is also able to hand over some control to other users, so that they can take part in the editing. This is particularly useful in webinars where specialists may be in attendance and will be able to ask questions or make points that are relevant to what is on screen, even allowing them to take a hand in highlighting or drawing on the whiteboard to show what they mean. This is done relatively easily, when the system allows the meetings to take place.

And this is one of the biggest issues that seems to occur with some users: the system doesn’t always work. There have also been reports of abandonment (or a simple lack of response) from customer services, which is disconcerting. In contrast, when things run they run very smoothly: clients are generally happy with the performance of the system once it’s up and running.  

Assuming you have no issues, Yugma is available to host on Mac, Windows, Linux and OSX, which makes it one of the most platform-compatible webinar services available. The system is, however, Java based, so hosts and guests may need to make sure this is updated for things to run without a hitch.

Yugma.com pitches a bit of a curve ball. Thankfully they offer a free trial period, which we’d recommend testing before deciding to pay out for the full service. If things go smoothly on the trial then it’s certainly a webinar service worth considering. If not, we’d recommend checking some of the other services available from our extensive list.

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