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Mega Meeting Review

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MegaMeeting is a browser-based webinar service that allows you to customize your interface to suit your brand. Unlike other webinar services which require that the host downloads software, this product allows you to access and adapt your webinar settings using just an internet browser, which means it can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection. Communication is also an important element to MegaMeeting, and chat windows are opened for the speakers, host and attendees to communicate with one another, in wither public or private rooms. As with most other webinar services, files can be shared between the host and attendees, and whiteboard functions allow the speakers to edit and annotate anything that appears on the desktop.

Perhaps the most interesting and potentially beneficial feature of MegaMeeting is the ability to have unlimited attendees at a webinar. Combined with a seemingly-flexible contract system, this means that you might choose how many “seats” you need for a specific webinar, rather than having to always have more or less than you actually intend to use. The hosted webinars are reportedly easy to use, with few technical glitches, although it doesn’t come with encryption. However, you can use your own security measures if you have them, information on which can be located at MegaMeeting.com

The service offers one way voice over internet protocol for the host and telephone options for attendees who cannot access the webinar on a computer. However, there is a lack of applications for mobile devices such as smart phones, which is particularly lacking as other webinar services providers have this covered.

If you’re not sure what you ought to be doing then help comes in the form of scheduled live tutorials, which will give you a good idea of the sorts of things you can do, and how to do them. There are also product manuals available on the internet. However, this is far from sufficient and you will struggle to find relevant information on very specific difficulties without contacting technical support using a telephone or a “contact us” form on the site’s support section. There is apparently a live-chat option but when we tried it we got no response. Must do better!

The user interface is relatively simple and shouldn’t take too much time to get used to, although it’s not the most glamorous/snazzy one around. It is, however, customizable, which means you will be able to include your own branding. In particular the use of customized exit pages should allow you to deliver a lasting impression to your attendees.

MegaMeeting has a variety of positive points, but it is let down by a distinct lack of information and a second-rate customer care ethos. In its favour are its customizable elements and the ability to host unlimited attendees in your webinar. There’s lots to like here but it’s worth checking the live demonstration to get an idea of whether you feel you will need a lot of support in using the webinar service available.

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