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VoxWire Webinars Review

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VoxWire.com offers a variety of simple features that allow for easy-use webinar experiences. With a range of packages available VoxWire may be suitable for small businesses, but its pricing strategies are somewhat flawed: as the number of users increases, the price increases by a fixed amount,, so there is no financial benefit to purchasing the more expensive packages.  You can however expand the number of users to up to 2000, each subsequent attendee costing $1 per month.

The webinar applications are relatively good, but nothing to write (or webinar) home about. The website is easy enough to navigate and use, although nothing spectacular. Are you noticing a pattern? Yes, VoxWire offers a decent service, but it simply doesn’t stand out from the crowd. There are also a few annoyances that are worth taking into account...

Firstly, the website seems to promise quite a lot, but it’s unclear what you’re paying for and which features you’ll receive. “Voxwire Gold” is a new addition, but it’s hard to compare that with the basic packages. The list of “features” makes no allusion to which packages they apply to, although the pricing list does tell you which features are definitely included. However, the pricing list just seems to say that all of the basic packages receive the same features, so it’s hardly worth checking. You can take a product tour, which is a pretty good idea and allows you to watch useful videos on how to use the site effectively, but support requests are only done via email or telephone, which isn’t necessarily the best means of gaining immediate and inexpensive help.

This webinar service is safer than some, using VeriSign and a 126-bit AES encryption to keep the goings-on of your meetings private. There are, however, services which offer more protection should you need it. Signing up became a bit of a pain as the site required a lot of information, even for the free trial (although you don’t need to include your credit card details, which is good because it means you won’t be charged anything if you forget to cancel your subscription at the end of the free trial period).

Vox Wire offers a pretty standard service at a reasonable price, but it falls short in some areas and is just confusing in other respects. If you’re looking for a flexible package then this might be an option, as you can add or remove individual users for just $1 (above 100 users). Otherwise, we feel that there are bigger and better things out there.

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