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Meeting Burner Review

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MeetingBurner is a slightly peculiar mix of the incredibly-cheap (well, free) and the somewhat-expensive. There are a variety of pros and cons to each of its packages but the primary difference is the number of attendees it allows to be a part of your webinar broadcasts. Its most expensive package allows up to 1000 users to sit in, and whilst this is a lot, it certainly is nowhere near as many as other sites allow. At almost $100 dollars a month this isn’t terrible value by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s also not great value.

On the other hand, its free service is really quite generous, allowing up to 10 participants into a webinar. This is fine for small groups who need to meet up and chat regularly, although it’s not really a suitable option for large-scale events. A nice feature of the Premier edition is that you can recoup some of your money as it is integrated with PayPal, which means you can ask attendees for a contribution (or simply charge them) for attending the webinar.  

Most of Meeting Burner’s features are fairly commonplace, including cross-platform compatibility between Mac and Windows. You can screen share and stream live video, as well as switching between presenters (which is less commonly found). Mobile support has been set up for users on the move. Additionally you can set up private chats whilst the webinar is running, or monitor who has registered in real-time.

A somewhat innovative feature is the Facebook Promotion tool, which allows you to link Facebook posts about your webinar directly to a registration page, encouraging people to quickly sign up and spread the word. More of this kind of thing would be gratefully received, particularly if it ventured more into sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+

One of the biggest failings of Meetingburner.com is its lack of comprehensive customer support. There are a few video tutorials and an FAQ but support outside of that tends to comprise of email requests, which aren’t always very quick. This is no good if you have immediate problems that need resolving, particularly if you’re minutes away from starting the webinar.

Everything considered Meeting Burner is a decent webinar service with balanced pricing options. However, it doesn’t really excel in any area and needs to rethink its technical service options. The free trial is definitely worth a go, but we advise giving it a good try before deciding which service to pay for.

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