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Please note that Instant Presenter has been discontinued and is no longer available. You can read our old review of Instant Presenter below, or check out the rest of the Webinar Services we've reviewed.

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Instant Presenter Review

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InstantPresenter is a browser-based webinar service which allows you to host an unlimited number of attendees. It allows you to include audio and visual broadcasting, as well as private and public chat windows. One particularly interesting and useful feature of Instantpresenter.com is the option for attendees to provide instant feedback using a few simple icons. For example, if the speaker says something that others agree with, then the audience members can make a small smiley emoticon appear next to their name. If they need to ask a question or ask you to slow down or repeat something, they can also do so by raising a virtual hand. This makes for a more natural and realistic experience and allows the audience to feel that they are active participants in the webinar experience.

If marketing is important to you then there are several branding options to take advantage of with this webinar service provider. You can customise your interface and registration screens with your brand logos and colours, and the host is also able to utilise social networking tools, such as the ability to create user profiles or send out meeting reminders and invitations. Somewhat uniquely, Instant Presenter provides a unique webpage for your account, allowing you to promote your webinars in a specific space. Potential attendees can then visit the site to get the most recent updates on upcoming events. You can also link this site to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, and include comments from those sites in your webinar.

Although the website claims that there are no downloads needed, the hosts really need to download plug-ins if they want to use all of the various features available to them. Even the most basic features, such as screen sharing, require downloads. That said, it shouldn’t take too long for the host to achieve this, and there are no downloads needed for the attendees. A potential failing of the system is its file sharing, though, which restricts your ability to share files during the webinar and demands that you upload them ahead of schedule. This is quite a pain if you’ve forgotten something or want to make a last minute addition, particularly if you receive a question which requires you to share a file. However, you could still open the file on your desktop, share your screen with the attendees, and then forward  the file to them another time. But it’s an unnecessary irritation and might not give the best impression.

If you’re interested in recording your webinars for future reference then InstantPresenter.com allows you to save unlimited webinars, which is the best support of this kind on the market. Saving your webinars is a great idea because it means you can create an archive or data which you can access at a later date for cross referencing, or just to revisit them and take the best ideas from each.

Customer support comes in several guises including scheduled live demonstrations, live chat support, a hotline, a knowledge base and the ability to submit a ticket. With the addition of a few video tutorials (which it doesn’t have) Instant Presenter would be receiving full marks for its customer service.

All things considered, InstantPresenter offers a comprehensive product with all the necessary features, and a few nice additions that you may not find elsewhere. However it is worth trying the trial packages ahead of time to make sure that everything runs smoothly for you. If you’re particularly interested in branding your webinars then this service provides plenty of options.

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Please note that Instant Presenter has now been discontinued.

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