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Please note that Watchitoo has been discontinued and is no longer available. You can read our old review of Watchitoo below, or check out the rest of the Webinar Services we've reviewed.

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Watchitoo Review

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Watchitoo is a professional outfit in webinar services, offering the usual tools and features, with a few extras that set it slightly apart from some of its competitors. However, they keep their cards a little too close to their chests regarding their prices, which the cynic in us feels might be a ploy to suck you in before you know how much the service is going to cost. But we can’t just judge things on guess work, so what are the ins and outs of Watchitoo’s webinar services?

On the surface everything looks pretty standard, although there are a few interesting options available with this webinar service provider. We were in the Watchitoo Audio Bridge, which allows users without a microphone to use their telephone to join in a webinar. It’s an intriguing idea, potentially very useful for running long distance interviews (as you can’t guarantee the interviewee will have a mic on their computer), but otherwise the business applications are a bit lost on us. Which serious businesses wouldn’t have access to a microphone? Plus, a lot of computers now come with in-built mics and webcams, particularly laptops. So, despite it being a potentially good idea, we weren’t entirely convinced as to the real life applications of the Audio Bridge. However, we did like the user-audience controls that are in place with Watchitoo. These allow you to invite individuals into private rooms for direct discussions, whilst allowing others to watch and/or participate. You can also mute certain microphones (if you feel that someone’s a bit too talkative, or you simply want silence so everyone can focus on the main conversation). Recording options are also a useful feature, particularly if you want to keep a record of what has been said but don’t have a minute-taker handy at the time. The controls available allow you to decide which parts are recorded, although the website doesn’t mention how long these recordings are stored for online (though you can download them).

Customer support and general information could be improved upon. There are tutorial videos and various documents to read, which is good to see, but the “live support” option didn’t work when we tried it, and the only alternative is to contact the team via email or telephone.

Watchitoo has its secrets regarding price, but by all appearances it seems to offer a comprehensive service with one or two extras that could work well if you have that particular need to be fulfilled.

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Please note that Watchitoo has now been discontinued.

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