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Cheap, but not necessarily easy
16 January 2014
Reviewer: Frogger from Canada

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My non-profit tested MeetingBurner and while on paper it seems like a decent option, in practice it's not very user-friendly and lacks the functionality, features and customer support we were looking looking for. For one, the moderator has to call a California number to start the webinar and to record the audio (ditto for presenters). This is clunky, as you have a phone to your head the whole webinar, which could be challenging if you're trying to moderate at the same time. A VOIP recording option would have made a big difference. The interface elements (Q&A, chat, screensharing window) are in different places and if you accidentally close the screensharing window, there is no way of reopening it without relaunching the software.

Although you just have to click a link to access the webinar, all of the staff who tested it still had to download/update Java, basically the same amount of work any other webinar software where you have to download an application.

The registration and feedback elements are very MeetingBurner branded heavy. Registrants get a registration invite which looks like it comes straight from MeetingBurner, not your organization, which can be confusing and misleading. Similarly, the survey option offered at the end of the webinar is strictly for the performance of MeetingBurner and does not let you to customize it for your own organization.

When I called about some questions I had about the software, although I had to leave a voicemail, I received both email and phone replies within 24-hours, which I appreciated.

MeetingBurner would probably be good if you're using it for meetings or on a small scale, but anything larger than this would get pretty frustrating, especially if your attendees need technical support joining the webinar when it begins.

In the end we went with GoToWebinar as it was more user-friendly and had the technical support and training resources we we looking for in addition to functionality and customization.

As it's barely out of beta, hopefully it'll get a lot better in the future as it seems promising.

In summary, I would not recommend Meeting Burner to a friend.

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